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Hey everyone!Here are some reviews from my August 8th wedding:Reception- Cescaphe Ballroom- A++++ Cescaphe was amazing!  Sooo many people gave incredible feedback on how wonderful it was.  They treated us like royalty and did the same for everyone there.  Photographer- Marc Anthony- A +  I know he is controversial on this board, but Marc did a great job.  He was there with us all day long, and took whatever pictures we wanted.  Soo many of our guests also raved about him and how wonderful and fun he was throughout the day. Flowers- Fran Erase- A +  Fran's work was breathtaking!  Fran's husband is the matre d at Cescaphe, so we really liked that she had a vision immediately from the weddings she's done there.  All of our bouquets were gorgeous, and the centerpieces were so much more than I expected.  I also received many compliments on my flowers.  Videography- Ken Stillman- A +  We had Cindy and she was amazing!  We also had the BIG show (not sure why they haven't blogged it yet...), and it went over huge!  They were very unobtrusive and got so many  moments on our BIG show I didn't even remember.  I am so glad we booked them!Limo- Supreme Limo A-    Supreme did a nice job.  We had a 28 person limo bus and it was beautiful and clean.  The driver was very nice; although he was a little hesitant to go some places we wanted for pictures, and so Marc and I had to persuade him which wasted some time.  In the end i wouldn't change my mind; they did a great job. DJ- Dinardo Brothers- Mike Scott-  A + Dinardo Brothers was amazing!  The dance floor was packed the entire night. Mike did such a great job of reading the crowd!  We also had props which was a good way to get everyone on the dance floor! They were simply incredible. Lily's Bridal- B + I overall had a good experience with Lily's.  They gave my bridesmaid's a nice discount on their dresses.  Most of the women who work there are nice, but there are a few that are  snobby and it bothered me a little bit. Invitations- Invitatins by Joanne- A + She was amazing and reasonable! See her! Calligraphy-Calligraphy by Carmella A + - Carmella did my invites, bar sign, and table signs-- she was sooo reasonable and does such amazing work!  Call her!Tuxes- MW- A- We had no problems! Shuttle- Yellowbird Bus Company- F  We had an incredible day until the end of the night.  The bus company came at midnight and only took 10 pple home out of my 125 OOT guests.  When i spoke with Tom on the phone, he said they would fill up the bus and then come back if needed- did not happen.  I didn't even meet the driver, but i heard she was rude to my guests and almost left without my cousin.  Needless to say, I was thankful we were in the city so m y 100 OOT guests were able to grab cabs. Hotel Block- Sheraton Society Hill- F To continue the end of the night drama, we got to the hotel room, and they didn't have a room for my parents, my brother, and my cousins, even though they PRE PAID for their rooms and had a note in their file saying they would be checking in late. We also booked our hotel block in NOVEMBER.   It was not a pretty site at 1 am as my parents, who funded a lot of my wedding, had no where to stay.  The only thing they wanted to do for us was to take my parents/brother/cousins to another hotel. They also didn't have enough clean rooms for my guests to check in and freshen up before the reception.  We had so many OOT guests that this was quite a problem.  I think that's it- please let me know if you  have any questions! Overall- it was the best day of my life, despite what happened at the end of the evening.

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    Did you have a problem getting ahold of Ken Stillman initially? I really want to use him, but I don't get a reply when I email or call... I am tempted to show up at his door, his office is literally 10 minutes away from me. I hate to use someone who is so unreceptive to answering calls/emails, but if you feel they were amazing I'd be tempted to give them one more shot. I did tentatively book w Martins but have not actually paid my deposit or sent my contract in yet, so it's not too late to go with Ken.
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    Thanks for the info on Yellowbird. I contemplated using them. Thank God I read this. I am also using Joanne. I love her. Your pictures on Marc's blog are stunning. Just remember the controversy surrounds his clients not him. I have total faith in his abilities. Congratulations on what sounded to be a great day.
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    Oodsie - I would try to email him again. I used him too and I am picking my song for my whole video to be made. He has been good so far to me. I loved my big show.I like a few other videographers work too but they are more money than him. But if you have it in your budget, then there are other options.
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    Thanks for posting these J!!
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    I'm sure Ken does fantastic work, however his customer service or lack thereof are very overshaddowing. Our wedding was 1 year ago and we still do not have our video. After many false deadlines and dates he said he was mailing our video, we do no have it. I'm just looking for a videographer to be open and honest. Tell me you need a year or 2 or whatever, don't tell me it takes 6 months and then say you need another 3 weeks and then ignore me for a while. I'm anxious to see the video, because I know he was everywhere the day of our wedding but I'm very put off by his lack of customer service and in my opion respect for his clients. This business is all about word of mouth, and how could I recommend to someone that they use him after he has been so nonresponsive and failed to meet every deadline he set for himself with no phone call or explanation?
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