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2nd reception

I grew up in St. Louis and my family still lives there.  I am geting married in my childhood church there, but I have lived in Texas for 6 years and my fianance family is here.  How do I let them know about the 2nd reception for all family and friends who cannot attend out of town wedding??  Do I put it with the invitation or do a separate invitation??  Any help would be appreciated.

Re: 2nd reception

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    Your wedding invitation should go to everyone you are inviting to the wedding in your home town of St Louis. Those in Texas that do not attend because it is out of town will respond that they are not coming.

    Afterward, some time later, you can host a celebratory party in Texas for your friends there who could not attend the out of state wedding. But it is not a reception, and that should be a separate invitation, mailed separately, different wording, than the wedding invitation.
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    great feedback... thank you so much
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