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Any ideas on how to decorate a Queen Anne Armchair?

Our venue provides Queen Anne Cherry Wood Armchairs. I think they look nice, but a bit too "naked" for our formal wedding. I don't want to use a full chair cover (I'd rather leave them naked if it came to that choice). I'm ok with tying a horizontal sash, but the idea doesn't really amaze me.

I'm hoping someone on here is more creative than I am. I've googled to death and I can't seem to find any "out of the box" ideas.

Here'a a link on how the chairs look:

Thanks in advance!


Re: Any ideas on how to decorate a Queen Anne Armchair?

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    I happen to love Queen Anne style furniture, and think covering it up with anything would be very sad.

    Remember, when you're looking at a room and the chairs, you're looking at an empty space.  Add colored table linens, centerpieces, and particularly people sitting in those chairs and the whole feel changes.

    I can't imagine putting some fussy sash or even partial chair cover on such graceful and elegant chairs.
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    Honestly, I would leave them as they are. Nobody will remember what the chairs looked like.

    Also, once people are sitting in them and have wraps, coats, suit jackets etc. over the back, they'll hardly be visible.
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    I agree with the above. Frankly, Queen Anne chairs are delightfully formal as-is, and therefore need no decoration. Putting anything on them would look silly rather than elegant.
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