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My mom suggested having raffles at the reception.  The guests wouldn't pay for the raffles, they'd be free.  She thought we could raffle off the bouquets and little gifts. I thought this idea was tacky and absurd but apparently people like it? Anyone have experience with this?
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Re: Raffle!?!?

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    Not necessary and not my style at all.  Why would you want to stop the party to raffle off little trinkets?

    I have never, ever seen a raffle, free or otherwise at a wedding reception.  This just sounds pretty awful to me.
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    That sounds more like a shower than a reception.  Besides, who's to say that the guests actually WANT the bouquets?  I've gotten a bunch of really crappy "prizes" at showers, and let me tell you, I'd rather have lost and stuck someone else with them.
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    Your instincts were correct.  It's a terrible idea.

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    Personally, I would not do anything like this.
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    I agree.. it is okay at certain events and not others.

    For example, I like the idea of doing something like this at showers (we usually do bridal bingo)

    I think it is inappropriate at the wedding.

    Also, will your BMs be miffed to not keep their flowers?  They might be dead by the end of the night.. but I consider them theirs.
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    I'd think your bridesmaids expect to keep their bouquets. I think the idea is completely repuslive. Can't people mingle and talk, dance, etc?  Why do they have to be entertained like small children?
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    This =  total party buzz kill.

    Just let people take the stuff or give it away at the end of the night.
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    I've never seen such a thing...I think it might confuse people. I know I would be confused.
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    I told my mom how ludicrous this idea is... she said it might be too much but thought the idea was original. I feel bad for shooting her down, but she understood that I wanted to keep the event more formal.  She might pull something like this at the shower, but showers are supposed to be kind of corny, so I'm fine with it.
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    gotta agree with the other ladies, i vote no... sorry to your mom but it's your wedding
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    the only "raffle" i saw at a wedding was the couples invited and they had to kiss when their name was called....kinda weird

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    It sounds like the door prize raffels they do at company Holiday parties only those are for things like TVs, computers, wii, weekend getaways.  Now if your mom is interested in footing the bill for that type of thing your guests might vote you best wedding ever.
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