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Private wedding with celebration at a later date

I just got engaged. We live in Hawaii, while all of our family and friends live in Washington state. The plan is that we are going to get married here in a private ceremony (NO parents or anyone except photographer etc) and then we want to fly home a week or 2 later and have a big celebration.

Our families already know of our plans and are supportive. But how do we do the invitations for something like this? We are not registering or anything, we just want everyone to come celebrate with us. But I'd like people to know BEFORE we actually tie the knot since it's gonna be close together, and I want everyone to be able to come since we haven't been home in a while.. What do I do?

Re: Private wedding with celebration at a later date

  • We are having our wedding in Costa Rica and having a "hometown reception" when we return. We will be doing all the traditional wedding stuff at the reception back home. I will not be wearing my wedding dress but a cute short white dress. But we are doing the dances, bouquet toss, cake cutting and toasts.

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  • I did the same thing and everybody was very supportive. I even registered because my family through me a shower. I let everybody no my plans so there were no surprises. My invitation read Please join us for a reception to celebrate our marriage. We eloped and I wore a short casual dress and had our reception the next weekend where I wore a traditional wedding dress. We made a big bridal party. had our 1st dance we didnt throw a bouquet or anything but we did do cake cutting & toasts. Had about 100 people open bar and family style dinner. It was a huge party atmosphere. People think you have to be low key but if your family and friends are happy for you they will be celebrating like any other wedding. Without the stress of a same day ceremony its just fun. It was the best decision I ever made and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
  • I did the same thing. My husbands in the military so we went to the courthouse and are having our ceremony 6months later because that was the only time he was gonna be in town. I'm doing everything bridal party, dress,cake,dj,bar,food, people who love you and respect what you did will come and it will be the same amount of fun!!!!! I registered and had two showers too. It's actually cheaper and our invites said celebrate the marriage of. Wouldn't change our decision!!!
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