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How tall should my centerpieces be?

I am planning on diy crystal tree centerpieces. How tall should I make them so that the guests are able to see/talk to eachother. I also don't want them too tall. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advanced!

Re: How tall should my centerpieces be?

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    I'm doing DIY crystal trees/twigs on half the tables, and lower floral arrangements on the others.

    I was looking at some tall thin vases at a retail store this week, and the woman who worked there said that any vase over 16 inches will allow the guests to see each other.

    Not sure if she's right, but I'd recommend using a yard stick and sitting down at a dining table at home and figuring this out yourself. You could even mark the yardstick as to how high you want the vase, and then how tall you want the flowers above the top of the yardstick, then organize them accordingly.

    If you are going with actual trees (ie manzanita branches), you'd still need to use something to put them them in. You will have to allow enough room under the branches for people to see each other.

    I'd recommend getting one of each type of thing you intend to use: one vase or holder for the branches, and play with it. You could even play around with it in the store where you intend to get these things.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for the advice. That sounds like the best thing to do.
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    No taller than 8" max as that is barely below the line of vision across the table. Anything taller will obstruct vision and hinder any conversations.
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    I actually wanted very tall centerpieces, and wanted it to go over their sight line.
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    Table to top of centerpiece, we're trying not to go higher than 12".  But ours have some width to them as well. 

    A good rule of thumb for me is that the taller they are, the thinner they are.
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    I was told that it should be no taller then 13".  Mine right now are 16" tall but they are a three tier stack of presents and the top box is coming off (shortly after the reception begins) so it will bring it down to 12".  I was trying to keep it under that 13" mark.  
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