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Fall color scheme...???

So, originally I thought I wanted a really romantic wedding reception and my colors were going to be a black and plum, with deep red accents. (I love that color combo) Now, though, I feel like maybe I should play up the fall theme. FI and I are getting married in October, not to mention we met in October last year AND we got engaged in October this year! Everything big that has happened in our relationship has been in the fall and it happens to be the favorite time of the year for both of us too.

I am leaning towards a fall wedding theme just because it is more "us" and I think it would be fun/meaningful to play up on that. I just have a couple questions:

1) I still want to have a romantic and intimate feel to it, so how do I decorate with "fall" type things without it looking like the guests are walking into a pumpkin patch? lol
2) I don't like the color orange at all. What other colors could I use that would still go with the fall theme. I love purple and I am warming up to the idea of some sort of brown color in there too. Just don't know which exact hues or how to put them together, etc.
So if anyone has any suggestions or previous experience, I would really appreciate the help!

Thanks so much!

Re: Fall color scheme...???

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    I am having the same issue! For our November 3rd wedding I was originally going to do a Cranberry and burnt orange, deep purples etc so beautiful. However I ended up choosing a VERY rhinestone silvery studded bodice on my gown and now I feel that the neutrals arent matching my gown. My FI found an awesome Tux he loves and its a very pretty gray with a wine colored tie. Now my bridesmaids are wearing wine and Ill have wine, chartruese and gray/platinum everywhere else.
    And PS Dont forget ladies... its YOUR wedding if you want christmas themed in march then do it! Who cares what "season" it is and when you look back on ur pictures no ones gonna care what the weather was.
    ~Future Mrs. Kilduff
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