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Anyone have any ideas on how to do a seating chart with banquet tables. My fiance and I are sitting at a sweetheart table. There will be two tables closest to us - one of 14 and one of 16. Then the dance floor with buffet tables on each side and then 4 tables of 20. How do I do a seating chart, table #'s and place cards, im clueless how to organize this??? We have about 110 guests. THANKS!! Smile

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    Is their any way you can just use either 6, 8 or 10 tops tables? I agree, that is going to be a bit hard. Can you ask your reception venue for help? Or are you all on your own to set up the reception room?

    Our tables were 10 tops, long and rectangular. Most people do either 6 or 8 tops, but that is all we had to chose from without incurring more cost and renting different tables. While I was at the reception venue one day, I drew a diagram of how I wanted everything set up and then we sat down and did the place cards according to where we wanted people sitting and at what table number.

    We filled all of the tables up. We had place cards at the door that each guest picked up when they entered. It had their table number on it and their meal choice for the servers bc we had a sit down dinner. We did not assign seats at the tables, just tables.
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    I think space wise this was the best way to organize. The venue is actually a restaurant, they cater a lot of receptions but don't often use the restaurant as the venue, so I think maybe we could talk it over with them to break down the tables more because if I only have 6 tables to seat and of those six tables people choose their own then I might as well not have a seating chart, but I dont want people just stampeding in sitting wherever, you know? I'll have to talk to the people at the restaurant. They are friends of friends and have been SO helpful, im sure they'd be willing to work on it.

    Ps. They are the ones who gave me a sample layout with the tables of 20, 14, 16.

    Thanks for your advice! Smile

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