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Need flower idea for centerpiece!!!

I have really cute square jars for my centerpieces that I am going to fill with water and have a flower floating on top . I have votives surrounding it already so I didn't want to do a candle....any suggestions for a flower that will float?? Where can I find them...every place online has huge amounts and I just need about 20.any ideas ??

Re: Need flower idea for centerpiece!!!

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    I've only seen it done with gerber daisies and regular daisies.  I've seen pictures with peonies but they seem heavy to me.  Check with local florists on ideas and they can give you a price.  My local supermarkets also carry daisies. There are some on-line retailers that will sell in bunches of ten; your florist maybe also able to help there.
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    use fake ones?  lillies, gerber daisies, large roses all would work well.
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    Will the fake ones float?
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    When I was younger I had a friend who's mom grew pieonies and would cut them and float them as just a everyday center piece in their kitchen I always thought it was so beautiful. I love these flowers almost as much as I love daisies. They are very full.
    Bunny ??
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    I would think that most flowers would float. A single bloom shouldn't be too heavy, even with a fuller flowers. 

    I'd call a florist and ask both for flower reccommendation, and see if you could just buy two dozen blooms from her. 
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