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Lantern Centepiece

Just wondering if these would look cute as centerpieces??? I am kinda having an asian theme to the wedding,.. parasols for my bridesmaids and the ceremony is outside with paper lanterns and paper fans for the girl guests,.. So i wanted to include the theme inside and found these,... Just wondering what ppl thought?? and maybe give me a few ideas of how to make it look cute,.. (I am not planning on putting flowers on them like the pic,. just plain)

Re: Lantern Centepiece

  • I really like that.  It's different and unique and seems to go well with your theme.  You could maybe put some different oragami pieces around them.
  • I like them, both plain and with the flower.  How big are the tables, and how big ar the lanterns?  I would just want to make sure that they are the right scale.  If they are on the small side, you could to a few lanterns per table.   Instead of the flower you could scatter petals on the table around the lantern (s).
  • Yeah I think I might do some petals around them,.. or possibly a few big fake diamond pieces,..
  • I really like these!
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  • Yeah I think Im going to go with them,.. they are 16$ a piece and them im going to put petals around them they are 15' tall so I think that should be fine,.. so still way cheaper than getting flower centerpeices,..I might also sell them after the wedding
    And then I found a website that does pink fortune cookies!! so those will go great with my theme!
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