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"Late" Reception.

My husband and I recently got married and we had a small sort of last minute (only 2 weeks worth of planning) courthouse wedding. We went to dinner afterwords. A lot of people couldn't make it since it was so last minute and a bit rushed and we had like 6 people total. Well, we were sort of tight on our budget and we decided that it'd be easier like that then waiting. Now, since things are changing a little, we'd like to have a real reception within the next 6-7 months or so if not even on our 1 year anniversary. I'm not sure if that's been done, or if it's even appropriate. We want to invite all the people that weren't able to come, and since we never cut a cake or had a first dance we both want have something memorable. I'm not sure how it would work, or if it's even just a redicilous idea. Also, how would we word the invitations?

Any advice I can get would be amazing! Thanksss Smile

Re: "Late" Reception.

  • I dont think its a ridiculous idea. I think you do deserve the traditions of cake cutting, etc.

    First, you need to come up with a budget for this event. I would also set, a date, and I dont believe it needs to be a significant date, just one that will work for you and your hubby. After you set a budget, then you can began looking at venues, etc.

    I think you should treat it like a real reception, if you want it to be! I dont think it needs to be different, if you dont want it to be just because you already got married.
  • I would call it a celebration of marriage, since a few months seems too early for a vow renewal.  Or wait until your first anniversary and just have a blowout anniversary party.  Whatever you call it, just don't call it your wedding or "real wedding."
  • I'd go with the 1st anniversary.  You can definately do the cake cutting.  My grandparents eloped and finally had the cake cutting at their 50th wedding anniversay. 

    Some people might tell you that you cannot host or plan your own engagement party.  I would never think that it was weird or wrong of someone to do this. 
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  • "Please join Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Doe in celebrating one year (or [x] months) of wedded bliss!" Date, time, place

    I would treat it more like a party than a "wedding reception." I think it's fine to cut a cake and have a first dance (and parent dances if you want them), but I wouldn't go overboard with all the wedding traditions. As a guest, I'd find it really odd if you wore a wedding gown or if you had a garter/bouquet toss (or even a bouquet at all). Just keep things low-key.
  • An anniversary party sounds great. You will probably get lower price quotes from vendors as well, rather than saying it's a wedding reception.
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  • Some people do this after a destination wedding.  They just say on the invites "Jane and John got married on 10-10-10.  You are invited to celebrate with the newlyweds at time, place, date."

    The big party is is just weird when the girl wears her wedding dress.  It isn't your wedding day.  Wear something nice, but just not the big white poofy dress.  It looks out of place just mingling at a party.

    But I've been to these celebrations with food, cake, toasts and dancing.  You can do it.  Just don't call it a wedding reception. 
  • ditto the anniversary party vs. reception
    You gave up the cake cutting reception that you "deserve" with a bunch of guest when you didn't have a reception after your courthouse wedding.
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  • I'd have a kick-@$$ anniversary party and call it just that (Like PP said calling it a  "wedding reception" or "real wedding" pretty much went out the window the day you got married).

    Dress nice (Maybe a pretty white cocktail dress?), hire a DJ (Even a photographer if you want), and serve some awesome food. Have your dances and cake cutting even. But limit the "wedding stuff" to that ... I'd personally find it odd if you had a WP or wore a traditional gown with a veil and had a bouquet toss and stuff. Hope this helps!

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  • Thank you Meg for saving me the time to type the very same response.  =)
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  • My brother and now sister in law did this and it turned out awesome! She didn't wear a wedding dress but she did have a nice white cocktail dress, and he was dressed in a nice pair of slacks, button up, tie, and suspenders. They did the traditional cake cutting, and parents made their toasts. I don't remember if they called it a reception, but everyone knew what it was for. I think it is a great idea to celebrate with friends and family, why wouldn't you want to celebrate your joyous new marriage?
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