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Any Country brides out there??

We are planning a country themed wedding... in-doors, unfortunately, (But we do live in Ohio, and anyone around here knoes about our crazy weather! :P )

We're both (hopefully) wearing our boots, haybails around, mason jar centerpieces, *hopefully the "getaway" from the ceremony, will be a John Deere tractor!! =)

Share your ideas please!!!

Re: Any Country brides out there??

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    Oh Me!

    We're doing it outside. In the process of hiring a country cover band. Mason jar centerpieces. Wearing boots under my dress and FI and I will make our entrance into the reception in cowboy hats. Sunflowers are our flower, which strikes me as more country. Also keeping guest attire pretty casual and suggesting boots & hats on our invites.

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    October 13, 2012
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    pittypitty member
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    I'm going for the rustic, country chic look. Lots of reclaimed wood, mason jar lights, birch candles, pretty much spending my savings on stuff off of Etsy!
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    Me!  I'll be wearing my boots, too.  Our venue is a historic site that has a very rich farm/cattle history.  It reminds me of an old barn which - if we didn't go with this place - is where we were going to get married.

    FI is really big on Texas stars and horseshoes (you should see our apartment decor!), so I will be incorporating the horseshoes in a "Lucky in Love" vibe.  I'm not going for a strict horse shoe theme, but I think it will be a nice touch here and there.
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    AngieB6AngieB6 member
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    Me too!

    Ours is a little more understated... Very elegant, but still western and relaxed at the same time.  FI is wearing boots, as are most the GM.  Hats go on after the ceremony for the guys.

    The girls are carrying simple flowers and instead of ribbon, are being hand tied with silver rope.  My bouquet will also be tied with rope.

    The guys are wearing a long-cut tux that looks more like a western coat.

    Entrance to the reception will be framed by two huge wagon wheels decorated with christmas lights and flowers.

    Reception is in a 19th century barn - turned - reception hall.

    2/3s of the guest list are line dancers :)

    Cake topper is a Montana Silversmith's Bronze called "Two Roads Become One."  Boy and girl on horses holding hands

    For food, instead of a formal sit down dinner, we are doing more of a back yard picnic style reception with BBQ beef sandwhiches.  Would be more fun outside, but Ohio in October is too unpredictable!

    All of the music for our ceremony is instrumental country.  I am walking in to a bluegrass version of God Blessed the Broken Road by Rascal Flats.  Our reception Grand Entrance will be to Orange Blossom Special.

    Finally... after the formalities are observed at the reception, we're all changing.  I have a little silver reception dress, the guys are changing into jeans and button-ups, and the girls are changing into jeans and blue tank tops :)  We're encouraging guests to dress comfortably and be ready to dance all night!
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    Love it!!!

    I was starting to think I was the only one on here!! Your iseas are awsome!!

    Lots of gingham/plaid, horse shoes, boots, & FUN! :)

    Good Luck Ladies!!! :D
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    I am not, but I thought you ladies might want to look at this template for mason jar invites, they are super cute for your theme. Congrats" target="_blank">
    *~The Future Mrs. Paine~*

    *~Planning Bio Updated April 16th~*

    image 331 invited image 107 are ready to party image 96 are missing out image 128 can't find the mailbox rsvp's due back June 30th!
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    In the rural area I live we do sunflower seeds and popcorn, so maybe some of that on the table would be cute to nibble on.

    Also, is line dancing in the schedule?  Nothing beats a good ol' fashion hodown!

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    Me! We are having our reception in a barn, and we're also making our "entrance" on a big green tractor!

    Our centerpieces are mason jars with white lillies and peacock feathers, foxtail millet, and other grains. Instead of doing a slideshow, we're opting for a twine clothesline that has pictures hanging by clothes pins.

    I also took my bridal portraits with cows... and tractors. ;)
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