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A little off topic but you gals are awesome :)

So my  mom is turning 60 this year (yes off topic) but we are throwing her a party (reception style).  Its fall themed, so semi rustic, and I was wondering if you could help me with ideas on how to do a "picture timeline" display.  I thought it would be cute do display photos of her life both on a wall and on tables starting from her birth to now. Maybe twine and clothespins with a table underneath for photo frames? I REALLY wanted to see some pictures of similar things but when I google "picture timelines" all I get is FB!

So here are my questions:
Do you have any cute ideas on ways I can pull this off?
Do you have any suggestions on other key words to search so I could get some visuals?

Thanks in advance!

Re: A little off topic but you gals are awesome :)

  • I googled "rustic photo display" and it pulled up a couple things somewhat similar.  Some people had them strung on twine with clothespins and then attached that to old picture frames/windows and such.
  • This is something my mom did for a graduation party and my Grandpa's 80th birthday. She had an old metal watering can that she filled about halfway with gravel.  She had some sticks/small branches that she had spray painted, and arranged in the gravel.  She used mini clothespins to hang pictures off the branches.  This might work for a gift table or cake's big, and makes a good centerpiece.  
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