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Christmas lights in a Gymnasium

The reception for my June wedding will be held in my church's gym.  I was hoping to light it with Christmas lights and candles instead of the harsh fluorescent lights.  I just bought 6000 lights in an after-Christmas sale, and plan to use them to make a canopy-like ceiling.   1) Does that seem like enough, or do I need more?  2) Has anyone else done this and have pics they'd like to share? (My Google search has come up scant.)

Re: Christmas lights in a Gymnasium

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    I think you'll need to do some math to figure it out...

    What's the surface area of the gym's ceiling?  How long are the light strings? How many lines of lights do you want to go across the ceiling?

    Without this info, any answer would just be a guess...

    As far as pics go, we had a similar look, but with fabric and floral-patterned up-lighting.  Take a look at the Decor tab in my bio for pictures.
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    That sounds like a lot of lights, but agree with the PP. you need to find out how big the area is, and how long the strings of lights are. You can always just put x amount of a gap in between the lights when you hang them to make sure you have enough for the entire room.

    I love the way these are hung:

    Another popular and PRETTY option is to put them inside of tulle hung from the ceiling, this way can actually use less lights like here:
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    Natalie - that first picture is just gorgeous!
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:5Discussion:6932e1ea-2804-4f34-bdb1-991ff26adb0ePost:78df1914-6caa-44d8-8155-367613485d4b">Re: Christmas lights in a Gymnasium</a>:
    [QUOTE]Natalie - that first picture is just gorgeous!
    Posted by ExpatPumpkin[/QUOTE]

    Isn't it!!! I wish this were my wedding!! I googled searched and found it. Maybe I can pass it of as mine after our wedding haha :)
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