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Too much chocolate?

My venue offers a mignardise (small dessert accompaniment) to be served at the same time as the cake.  The choices are:
chocolate truffle
homemade fruit pate
madeleine cookie

We initially chose the truffle since that sounded the yummiest.  However, now that we have picked out our cake flavor, I'm having second thoughts.  Our baker does really creative cakes and we are getting a "chocolate turtle" cake which is devils food cake with chocolate chips, filled with caramel and pecans.  It's amazingly delicious, but now I'm wondering if we should do a non-chocolate mignardise instead of the truffle.

We are also going to have a cookie table with homemade Christmas cookies at the reception.  Most of the cookies will be flavors other than chocolate, so people who don't like chocolate have other options besides the cake.

What do you think we should do about the mignardise?  Pick one of the other options so that it's not chocolate overload or stick with the truffle because truffles are delicious?

Re: Too much chocolate?

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