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Canvas photo print for guestbook?

Hey everyone, Happy Thursday!

Just a couple of questions:

1) Has/is anyone doing a canvas photo print for a guest book?

2) If you are/have, what did you use to allow people to write on the frams?

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Re: Canvas photo print for guestbook?

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    My sister used one for her wedding and they used the really thin sharpie markers.  Their matt was red, so they used black markers (it was their other color).  But you can really play with colors now with the sharpies, they come in all kinds so you can match your theme.  Hope this helps.
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    I love this idea, but I had a friend do this and one of her friends, totally drunk towards the end of the night ended up writing obscenities on it...and pretty much ruined the whole thing....just words to the wise.  Maybe put it up during cocktail hour and then take down....
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    Thanks, everyone!  We're going to get one, and then just have it displayed (not for writing) by a traditional guestbook.
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