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Receiving Line variations

Hey ladies-- all your opinions are always so helpful! What do you think about receiving lines and/or greeting guests at tables? 

Is it more polite to do the greeting early on, or could we wait until cake time? I would like to go around to all the tables during cake, but i don't want people to feel ignored beforehand or anything like that.

I also thought about instead of a receiving line, cutting the cake and then having everyone line up then so we thank them while we pass out cake at the cake station, but I realize that leaves people in the "back" waiting for a long time. On the other hand, is there a difference between waiting in line to say hello, and waiting in line to say hello AND get cake? Again, there is the issue that we haven't necessarily greeted everyone right away.

I'm just trying to make things more interesting. Or I could just go the usual route. I welcome any ideas, criticisms, or just thoughts on receiving and greeting in general. Thanks ladies!
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