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Candy Buffet, and Welcome Baskets!

okay so the first thing is Candy Buffet, I went to a wedding and saw this candy buffet as the favors I love love love the idea but does anyone know of a cheap place to get candy I found rock candy for 80.00 for a 72 ct there has to be cheaper if I am buying in bulk somewhere!! Any ideas

Okay 2 Welcome Baskets, I am getting to much ideas that I love what did you do for your baskets, I was thinking water bottle with my label, maps of the area, itenary, things to do, maybe a gift card for a resturant idk

Re: Candy Buffet, and Welcome Baskets!

  • If your wedding colors are pink and brown like your bio says, then I would just buy the candy closer to the wedding and buy easter candy.  That is if you want it to be your wedding colors.  If not, then you can buy it anywhere.  A friend of mine wanted red for her colors so bought it all from clearance sales after Valentines day and just never opened them.

    My welcome bags had water, several different types of snacks, mints, tylenol, 2 mini bottles of wine (one red one white), and a cigar.  We also included a tourist booklet of the area.  All of your ideas are realy nice and we definitely had more stuff than necessary.  I wouldn't do the gift card to the restaurant though because if they don't go it will be a waste. I think a better idea would be to find a restaurant you like that has coupons, and put the coupons in there.
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  • Thank you so much for the ideas! Yes I am doing Pink and Brown Candy and I thought of getting some pink candy after V-day but never thought that Easter stuff would be out then!!! Thanks, also I like the 2 mini wine bottle ideas and yeah the gift card idea was kinda like an impulse buy it was something I thought of as I was writing my post and then right after thought that's too expensive for something that might not be used.
  • I did a candy buffet and the cheapest places I found online for candy were metrocandy.com and bulkfoods.com.

    Our OOT boxes (PIB) had: water, mints, peanuts, gum, pretzels, Kleenex, an itinerary, wet wipes, Texas pecan pralines, and photosharing cards.
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