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centerpiece advice?

So today I bought all the vases to do my centerpieces and some of the flowers to experiment. I thought I'd do some of those gorgeous orchid submerged centerpieces and it really looks beautiful but when I add the water they all float up and the top starts sticking out..what can I do to make them stay down. I know they make that stuff that hardens and I thought that would be a great fix and a bride on my month board said it wasn't a good idea because they'd be easier to resell if they were plain vases. My thinking is there has to be someone out there who'd buy already done ones so there was no work involved plus I keep thinking someone may knock it over and water go all over some guest! Anyone have any tips or ideas on how to keep the flowers down? Or an opinion on if the stuff that solidifies would be a good idea??
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Re: centerpiece advice?

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    add glass stones, crystals, marbles or smooth black pebbles at the bottom of the vase. this will hold the flower in place. make sure to have enough that can keep the flower from floating entirely or you can also add water that is just enough not to lift the flower from the base of your vase.

    you can also go for a flower frog to keep the flower submerged.Cool
  • hobby lobby and other craft store have water that hardens into a gel substance similar to jell-o if you wanted to make them all in advance and you can add water on top oif you want candles or something or you can also glue them before putting any water in, just be sure the glue dries clear and can tolerate the water well. 

    have fun!! i did some tests runs with this and it seemed to turn out beatiful!Laughing
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