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Already married, want to have a party on our first anniversary...huestion?

My husband and I got married march 26th at the courthouse, just the two of us and would like to have a party/reception on our first anniversary to celebrate.  So I was wondering has anyone been to a party after the wedding, and invite wording suggestions, any advice at all would be appreciated!  Thanks ladies!
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Re: Already married, want to have a party on our first anniversary...huestion?

  • As far as wording, don't call it a reception, since a reception is what happens right after your wedding ceremony. If you want a get-together for your anniversary, I would just throw a party with friends and family--whoever you want to invite. Something like, "Come party with us as we celebrate one year of marriage!" Make sure that if you are hosting the party, you provide the food, alcohol, etc. and don't ask guests to bring anything.

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  • Love the idea. My fiance and I were thinking about doing something on that idea too. I have never been to a party like that, however the invitaion could simply read: Our First Anniversary! Please join us "newleyweds names" as we renew our vows on our first anniversary. We throught having a renewal of vows would be nice for those that could not be with us on our wedding day. Something short and sweet and informal. good luck and have fun!
  • that's an anniversary party, not a wedding reception.
    no dress, no cake etc.... just a good party with you and fi and friends. and no registry etc..


  • Of course you can throw an anniversary party!  Like PP said, you could go with something informal on the invitation and invite people to celebrate one year of marriage with you.  I would probably do a dinner, DJ, dancing and have a cake.  I don't know if I would cut it or not, but I would want a big delicious cake.  

    My grandparents did a huge anniversary party for their 50th.  It was almost 500 people, free flowing booze and dancing all night.  It was awesome.  You wouldn't have to go that nuts, but you could do it as big and fancy as you can afford.  
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