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I am setting up a candy buffet at my wedding. Just wondering, should guests be invited to help themselves at a certain time in the wedding, like after the meal, or should they be invited to do so as soon as the ceremony is done, or should it just be an open bar.
Mind you, the candy bar will be displayed along with the wedding cake on the same table.
The cocktail, dinner and lounge areas pretty much meld into one big area-one open space.

Your comments would be appreciated since I have never seen a candy buffet in operation b4.



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    I would say... when you serve dessert. After the cake cutting/while they are serving the cake. :D
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    If it's already out there on the table (and it pretty much has to be, because it would take too long to set up during the reception) I think people will help themselves whenever. My aunt's wedding was that way, though granted, she only had appetizer/snack type things plus the cake and candy, and the cake was on a table across the room from the candy table.
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    I agree with art. I think people will help themselves whenever.  This being said, I don't think it's particularly wise to have it displayed on the same table as the cake.  Kids get really excited about candy buffets, and I can easily see an accident happening.  

    I think an official time is pretty awkward. Are you going to have someone guarding the table the whole night?  I would be kind of embarrassed if I were a guest, and I was chastised for sneaking a gum ball :)  

    You can always have the DJ make an announcement to remind guests about the candy buffet, but I don't think restricting it altogether is really feasible.

    As for MissOwl's comment, if you want a particular candy, I would set it aside ahead of time.  Or, if you want pictures, have the photog do them before the ceremony.

    This post has some good posts on how the candy buffet went.  Most people don't anticipate how messy they are going to be, or how greedy their guests would be :(

    "We were announced into our reception and had our first dance, then we went to see how the candy buffet came out.  I was shocked that within 15 minutes of being in the room it was COMPLETELY empty!  We never saw it and the photographer didn't even get a picture of it! "

    "Every time I have seen a candy buffett at a wedding, it is almost exactly the scene you described. The second it is put out, people literally run over to it and try to stuff as much candy into their purses/pockets as possible. People LOVE candy!!"

    "It was insanity = = people hit it as soon as they walked in the door.  It was so messy.  There was candy smashed in the carpet, and I kept an eye on it and refilled.  The little bags were so small the candy went everywhere. "

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    This sign will sit next to our bags

    The bottom says "feel free to fill a bag after the cake has been cut!"
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    I'm thinking about including candy with the cookie table (western PA and eastern OH tradition) so the guests will be able to help themselves from the time they arrive at the reception until the event is over.
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