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Candy/treat buffet question...

I saw this come up on another post about candy buffets, and it hadn't got an answer so I thought I would post it in a new thread, because I'm really wondering now!

Who usually goes and fills the bowls back up? I have a friend setting mine up for on the day of (she offered) but I wouldn't want to make her tend to it constantly and fill it back up. Is it okay to let it empty down a little? I will only have 70 guests, so I don't know if it will really be necessary to keep filling it all night, especially after dinner. 

How did this work out for you? 
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Re: Candy/treat buffet question...

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    Yes, it would be okay to have it not full, but if you are worried about it, just ask someone to keep an eye on it for you.  Maybe you could pay your caterer a little extra to keep it stocked.
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    W aren't planning to revel ours until after the cake is cut. There will be maybe 5 extra bowls in the back, but once it's gone, it's gone.
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    I am not sure how much really constitutes a buffet, we have five little buckets that we are each filling with some sort of either wedding candy or something sort of vintage.  We are not planning on filling them back up at all.  We are expecting 120.  We are serving food and cake, and have little kiss favors...I think that will be pleanty of candy for anyone.  You don't want to have 30 lbs of candy left over at the end because you just know it is all going to be popular, and you just know that you need to keep it filled whenever anyone takes a scoop.
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    My mother assures me that we need to have hosts for our reception and that we should ask my God Parents to do it. She says it's their duty as host to welcome the guests, help them find seats, and make sure things run smoothly (like re-filling our candy buffet). I don't feel that close with my God Parents and would feel weird asking them, but I do have some other close relatives that I know would love to help and I wouldn't mind asking them to check on things periodically.
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