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Any cool Non Traditional wedding ideas for small 50 person civil ceremony?

My idea of a wedding is a civil ceremony with my friends and family. My groom and I are very non traditional. Would it be okay to skip the whole reception and just have dinner and go to a play, concert, or opera with all of our guests instead? I need opinons on this? Good or bad idea? 

EDIT: We WILL be paying for dinner and the show. 

Re: Any cool Non Traditional wedding ideas for small 50 person civil ceremony?

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    Fun!  But only as long as you are paying.  Inviting people for a dinner, etc and then leaving them to pay is a no-no.
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    Dinner and show would be your reception.  You would at least need to pay for dinner.  If you make the show optional, I think it would be okay for guests to expect to pay for their own ticket.  Then your reception would be dinner and the show would just be something fun to do afterward.
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    Dinner is fine (as long as you pay for it), but I don't know about the show.  You are unlikely to find something that all 50 people are actually interested in, plus people want to spend time together and talk at a wedding reception, so sitting through a show would be an odd choice.
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    Watching a show or movie is a passive activity.  The audience sits quietly and watches the show without interacting with each other.

    A wedding reception is an inter-active activity.  Guests eat, mingle, drink, socialize with each other, chat, catch up with friends and family.

    I am a theater person, and I adore attending shows, concerts, etc.  But it is not what I think of when I think of a wedding reception, because it doesn't promote social interaction.

    I'd choose yes for dinner, no for the theater afterward.  Plus I agree with the pp who said it's pretty tough to find a theatrical performance that 50 people will all enjoy.
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    How about doing a dinner theater? My future sister-in-law went to a party where someone had a mystery dinner theater and she said it was hilarious and everyone had a great time.
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