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D.J. question

I found a D.J. off Craigslist for MUCH cheaper than a typical wedding D.J. I asked for references. They were all great, two were parties and one was an actual wedding but they were great. We are going to meet with him next week and possibly hire him.

He mentioned that he has a lights show with a disco ball, etc. And he said he has now added fog to his lights show. Not that this isn't cool for a party, but is this kind of thing typical at a wedding reception? Maybe later in the night? I'm just worried that I'm getting the wrong kind of D.J.


p.s. Is it too early to hire a DJ? We are 8 months out.

Re: D.J. question

  • I would skip the fog and do the lights later in the evening.   And make sure none of your guests are epilptics:-)     I've seen disco balls and lights before at a wedding and it was fine, just make sure that it's not too "flashy" and that there's still enough light for people to walk without tripping.
  • I would definitely skip the fog. First of all, there's a very high risk that you will trip your venue's smoke alarms. Second, personally I just don't think it's appropriate for a wedding.
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    I would skip both fog and lights. Our DJ offered it to us, but they just don't fit with the feel we're going for. Plus, my brother's epileptic and nothing would bring the party down more than my brother having a seizure. =/

    ETA: Oh, and I don't think it's too early to hire a DJ. I'm getting married 9/22/12 and we're talking witht he DJ now to get the contract done. Oh, and ask about lowering the price if you don't do lights. We got our's lowered when we asked.
  • Thanks! Great idea re lowering the price even more :)
  • I agree with PPs about skipping the fog.  We went to a wedding where friends had more of a club DJ than a wedding DJ, and it was great--their DJ definitely knew how to keep people dancing.  You just need to make sure you go over the wedding aspects of things with your DJ a bit more, if s/he doesn't do many weddings.  Go through the order of events and what besides playing music you're expecting the DJ to do, like making announcements.  

  • I would not do fog my brother had a guy do it at his wedding and it really ruins the pictures. the disco ball is your call. hahah have a great wedding.  :)
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