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Anyone else going small?

We got engaged in Dec and are getting married June 8th. I have planned everything, including dress, decorations, rings, lodge rental, invites, etc, Everything for $1800. It's going to be a small gathering (50 guests) and somewhat informal (no tux's, tea length dress, no chair covers, no DJ or band), all DIY, even the decor and food for the reception, which is at the same location as the ceremony.
I went to a couple party stores and looked at table covers and they are all paper and plastic and will run me about $50 to purchase. What I'm wondering is if it is worth it to spend an extra $50 - $100 and rent real linens. I want the even to be nice, but more than anything I'm interested in the ability to eat, dance and be merry in celebration of my marriage. It almost makes me feel like I'm being frivolous to blow $100+ for linens. It's not that we can't afford it, we could have afforded to spend much more, we just don't see the point in blowing tons of money for one day when being married and celebrating it is what's most important to us. I dunno... I feel really torn. The thing is that I almost feel like I'd rather have no table covers that have chap party plastic, ya know?
Anyway, I could babble on and on, any thoughts?

Re: Anyone else going small?

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    You know, there is a restaurant supply depot near my work, maybe they sell for cheap! I'd never thought of looking at a place like that or SAMs for table covers. :) I bet they carry the disposable chaffing dishes I need too. Thanks!
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    You could always look at dollar and thrift stores. I'm not sure what your color or theme is but you might get lucky and find something there. I know most dollar stores carry the vinyl/felt ones. Bed sheets could also be an altenative, and inexpesively aquired from the dollar store/thrift shop.

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    Since you have a few months, I would keep an eye on your local board here. People are selling linens on mine cheap all the time! As a guest, though, plastic wouldn't bother me at all.
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    We are also having a small wedding, but still wanted it to look nice! I am purchasing our linens online, for less than 7 dollars per linen and am planning on keeping a few for our house, we're having 2 different colors, and selling the remainder after the wedding! Makes it easier to spend the extra money when I know I'll be getting some of it back!
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    You could make table runner out of dollar store doilies(sp?) They can be spray painted any color :) 
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