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I'm having a fairly traditional wedding w/indoor reception in April/May depending on the reception venue, but I can't seem to decide. One choice has an awesome room - great layout, nice open spacious feel. The other I don't like the room itself as much, but its part of a hotel (convenient), has a spectacular view, and cool outdoor photo opps. Do I focus more on the indoor feel/decor or the other factors? How do I choose??

Re: reception venue debate

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    Whichever venue offers the best tasting food is the one I would go with.

  • Compare menu & costs. Attached hotel is a hugh plus because then you don't have to drive afterwards, convient for anyone out of town & also anyone else that doesn't want to drive home that night. Plus you can have a room where you can go up to & fresh up if needed.
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    When you think about your wedding, can you picture it at one place more than the other?

    Otherwise, I would say costs, food and location would be the deciding factors.  I had a hotel wedding and while it's not for everyone, there are a lot of great things about one.  Everything is done for you, your guests can stay there, you can get ready in a suite and stay there on the wedding night, etc.
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