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HELP!!! How do i include something from my students?!?!

Im a preschool teacher! Im looking for a way to include them into the wedding!! Im not really sure how to do this and am open to any ideas possible!!!!! Thanks for any ideas ahead of time!!!!!!

Re: HELP!!! How do i include something from my students?!?!

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    Why do you want to include something from your preschool students in your wedding?  Being a preschool teacher is your professional life.  Your wedding is your personal life.  I'm not at all a fan of blurring the line between those two.

    FWIW:  I've been a preschool director and teacher for the last 23 years.  I counsel anyone who works for me to keep their personal life private. 

    I simply see no reason to include your little students in your wedding.  It's not like they're going to get upset if they're not included, after all.

    Last thought:  did it really take 19 exclamation points to ask your question?  I think you can cut down on your use of punctuation.
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    Bring cupcakes to class after the wedding.  This was the only involvement I had with my 6th grade teacher's wedding (and she was one of my very favorite teachers, who I also had for 4th grade), and I remember thinking that it kicked ass.
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    A sign that says "congratulations X and y" decorated with their cute little handprints!

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    In 6th grade my teacher invited the entire class and a parent to her wedding (not reception).  Only 4 of us went.  I thought it was neat. 

    In 5th grade we threw a fake wedding for our teacher.  Everyone dressed up and we wrote a little skit where the groom was late and the ring was lost... it was fun.  But this probably won't work for little kids. 

    For preschoolers, I can't imagine them sitting through a ceremony too well, or performing a song (my little brother was a monster durring any pre-school performance - the pictures are hillarious - he pretended to be dead for a while, and godzilla, and a puppy) ...  I'd go with the cup-cake route suggested by aerinpegadrak. 
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    I think the cupcakes are a great idea.  Unless they are invited to the wedding, there isn't a whole lot you can do to incorporate them.  
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    One of my friends is a teacher and wanted to include something from her class in her wedding as that is a big part of who she is. She had each of her students write a little note about what "love" is and put them at each of the tables. You could easily include those on the table number signs or something like that.
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    I think the idea of inviting them to the wedding really needs a rethink.  You can't invite preschool children without an adult; remember, they ride tricycles, but they don't drive cars.  Actually they can't even take a bus alone.  Inviting your class and parents will really swell your guest list.  Also, they're really too young to even understand what a wedding is. 

    I really like the idea of bringing them cupcakes after the wedding.  Also any drawing from them should be initiated by them, and, again, they are really too young to understand what a wedding is.  I really feel any student participation should be student initiated or it becomes exploited child labor. 
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