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what would be considered heavy horderves? i would reaaly like to have ceremony at 6:30 reception to follow 

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    If your ceremony is at 6:30 with your reception immediately following, I think you should consider serving a meal as that is right at prime dinner time. I'm assuming your reception will last several hours, so you will need to feed your guests more than apps.
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    You can do it as long as you do a couple of stations, salad, fruit and cheese, and passed apps.  Make sure you write cocktail reception on the invites. 
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    if you are going with heavy hors d'oeuvres I would suggest including stations (carving/pasta/sushi etc.) so that substantial filling food is served and not just finger stuff for people to pick at.  

    But like PP already said I would seriously consider serving a dinner if possible at a 6:30 reception.  People will expect dinner at that time.  

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    Well, are your guests going to leave to get a burger because they're hungry, or is there going to be enough food that people will feel full?  Heavy apps are usually substantial things like chicken tenders, sliders, crab cakes, meatballs, and so on and so forth.  You can get away with heavy apps at mealtime if there's enough food to equal a meal.

    If you're working with a caterer, they should be able to provide you with a heavy apps menu.  Our caterer built our entire menu and we just signed off on it.
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