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can anyone give me any advice on decorating picnic tables/ its an outside recption and daisies as the flowers?

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    Oh,  my favorite thing! Mason jars with the flowers in them! You can get checker-board table clothes in your colors and put the mason jars on them with the daisies. You can even put colored water in the mason jars (in your wedding colors) and the daisies will slowly change color throughout the course of the reception.

    Another thing you can do are lanterns or candles.
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    I agree with the ideas above. Should be very cute.

    We are having our reception/meal indoors, but a tent with picnic tables outside for the dj and dancing.

    Make sure you consider covering the wooden seats with plastic tablecloth-by-the-yard so no one's dress or nylons snag. You might also want to let them know in advance if you are worried.

    Good luck.

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    The daisies in mason jars are cute and "picnic-y".  Or use potted daisies.  You can buy them seasonally at local plant nurseries, or the garden department of Lowe's or Home Depot.  You can purchase the decorative covers to go over the pots, cover them yourself with tissue or colored paper, or plant them in cute, but cheap pots.

    Then they can be re-purposed, as "give aways" or favors, thank you gifts for those that helped you, or planted.

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