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Reception Timeline HELP!

Hello Ladies! I hope your planning is going great!
I have been thinking about what order to do everything at the reception. Of all of the weddings I've been to, I can't remember what came first.
Bride and Groom enter... then what? Cake (we are just having a cake reception)? bouquet/garter toss? first dance? father/daughter dance? mingling? speeches (we are having an open mic)? 
Is there anything I'm missing? Thanks for all yoru help! :)

Re: Reception Timeline HELP!

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    You can probably do it however you want.
    I think it should go, entrance, first dances, if you arent serving any food do the cake, then mingle, dancing, then bouquet/garter.
    good luck!

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    I agree with ejoyce 8. I would say do the speeches after the cake because people will probably want to eat something rather quick. Also do you have a DJ. My DJ is a master of ceremonies too so he has a recommended order and timeline set up for us?
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    Sadly we don't have a DJ :(
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