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Hello...I'm starting to write my place cards/escort cards, whatever you want to call them....
For married couples, it's ok to put them on one card?? What about couples that aren't married....should they each have their own card?

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    If they're actual placecards (they're on the table in front of the seat the guest will sit in), they have to be one per person. In my crowd, it's the norm to put couples (married or unmarried) together on one escort card (what people pick up at a table to direct them to where they're sitting).

    I've read here that sometimes people will do one per person on an escort card if they're indicating a meal choice on the card itself, but if not, there's no reason to do them individually. And if you're doing married couples on one card, I would (and did) do the same for unmarried couples.
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    I would do a place card for each person. I did my escort cards one per person BUT I think it's okay to do Mr. and Mrs so and so on an escort card. 

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    I will be putting married couples and unmarried couples on one escort card.  You save costs not having to buy double the each his own.
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    PLACE CARDS WERE THE HARDEST PART!  I got married in August and I just can't get enough of this stuff! So, I made a blog for you! I am sharing what worked for me and what did not. I am giving up my secrets and DOS and DON'TS! I hope that this helps! check out the link to my blog:
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    I combined each guest with their date on one card, whether they were married or not. They will obviously be sitting together, so I didn't feel the need for all the clutter of twice as many placecards
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