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a guest book!! from where


it is my first post here 

i wan to order a guest book ( onlin ) so can you help me by some websites that offer it with a good price please, my wedding date will be on: 24-1-2012, 
i've to order it these days,,

thank you

Re: a guest book!! from where

  • Are you looking for a traditional, blank guest book? A photo album? Something else? Style and budget will help us give more relevant suggestions.
  • Check  I bought a photobook from them for a different reason but it would be great for a guest book
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  • I'm getting mine from They have really cute interactive pages for your guests to fill out and have fun with.
  • I'm not doing a guest book. I'm going to set out some small cards or pieces of paper and have everyone write well wishes/words of wisdom/advice on it so I can eventually put it together as a collage, frame it and hang it up in our house.
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    Agree with PPs. We need more info. DH and I met in Washington, DC (I was living there at the time), but currently live/got married in Denver. We bought a great coffee table book of the sights of DC and had people sign that. I have actually flipped through it numerous times, because I like to remember all the great places I used to go.
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  • My guests are signing bottles of wine in silver and gold sharpie.

    Depending what kind you want though, the supplies are endless.
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    Just because you saw it on Four Weddings, doesn't mean it's a good idea.
  • thank you to allof you

    and yes i want it as a traditional book with a cliassic design, with good price  ( i am from Saudi Arabia, the order and shipping will be highly cost.)

    i looked for guestbook in but they look as an old style.

    ~ what do you think if i cancel this item from my weeding, i heared a lot of people that they had not read any of wishes that people had wriiten for them.

  • [QUOTE]I'm getting mine from 
    Posted by Nati05[/QUOTE]

    <div> this!</div>

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  • If you want something traditional check out Ann's Bridal Bargains.  Sign up for their emails to find out about sales so you can get it for less.  I wanted something we would look at.  At I found black frames with a large mat for people to sign and we will put in wedding photos after we get them back.  Two of these frames were only $20 (can ship to a local walmart for free) and I was blown away by the quality of the frame.
  • thank you very muchhhhhh 
  • Saw some good ideas on here!! I was looking for something 'different' for a cardbox. I hated the idea of spending a ton if money on something to put cards in and never use again. I found this: Which is pretty cool. It's a card box made from photo frames. I like it bc the shop owner helped me find fabric to match my colors. It's well made and something I can use forever and display in my house as a centerpiece! Thought it was a good idea and thought I'd share!! I also am going to take a picture of us and have it made into a puzzle. Guests will write their name on the back. After the wedding I will put it together and use puzzle glue, frame it and hang it up. It will be my 'guest book.' only like $20 on shutterfly or snapfish
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