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Hurricane Centerpiece help please!!

The venue that i have comes with centerpieces which consist of 17 inch tall, 7 inch wide hurricane vases that have a pillar candle with rose petals in the vase.. on a square mirror with tea candles and rose petals on that... well.. i want more flowers... not just petals and so i was thinking about doing half of those and half of whatever i come up with... other than just doing a flower in the hurricanes i was looking to DIY something a little more creative... i bought a hurricane, and i found some neat water pearls.. (the ones that grow when put in water and come in different colors...) but using this isnt necessary it was just a road i am traveling down... (you can use as much of their centerpiece you want) so I am wondering if any of you creative ladies have any easy DIY ideas!? thanks so much! ohh and my colors are tiffany blue, ivory and orange... with the tables being ivory with organza tiffany overlays... if that helps so centerpieces will have alot of orange if that helps too.. Thanks for you ideas ladies!! (i hope i explained well! haha)

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Re: Hurricane Centerpiece help please!!

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    What about instead of the petals you have small floral pieces  (maybe 2 or 4) around the vases or you can make itlike a wreath with berries or whatever goes w/your theme around the base of the vases.
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