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Opinion: Gap between ceremony and reception...

So I'm stressing a little because my FI and I are getting married mid November after daylight savings time. Most of our photos are going to be done at our reception site after the ceremony. We are traditional and do not want to do a First Look photo session but at the same time our families are party people and ending the reception early seems so sad!

Right now the plan is to have the ceremony at 1pm and then the reception is about 40 min away and cocktail hour will start at about 3ish. It's only 5 hours so that means it would be over at 8 :( I was considering having a gap between the ceremony and reception so that it would start at about 5 instead of 3 but I don't know if that would be inconsiderate. I was also thinking this might help because our wedding is on a Friday and those who can't make the ceremony because of work would make it for the reception later....

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