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Choosing a reception....HELP!!

Hey guys

I need help on something. Me & FI have a small budget so for our reception, we have a choice of either church fellowship hall after the ceremony or a hotel which is not the best looking.

They have red chairs and multi coloured carpet.

We are really stuck on what to go for. The church will drape the ceilings and walls; and is more neutral in terms of deco. But will finish @ 10pm.

The hotel can go on later (which our guests will enjoy) but the deco is abit off putting

What would you choose & why?

Also anyone have any pictures of awarkard sites decorated up nicely?

Thanks guys :-)

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Re: Choosing a reception....HELP!!

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    Nobody is going to notice the carpet or the walls. Go with a place that you like and can afford, and where you're treated nicely.

    That being said, I voted for the hotel, because it seems like your main concern about the venue is how it looks. Which is fine ... but you should not be choosing a church primarily because it looks nicer than your other venue options. You should be marrying in a church because that's where you feel close to God and because you believe in and follow that particular religion.

    Since your post mentioned nothing about your spiritual beliefs, then I voted for the hotel, because you can redecorate to your heart's content and have the pretty venue that you want.
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    I definitely don't think wedding have to run super late. 10:00pm is just fine.

    I would pick the church hall. People always say they don't notice stuff like chairs and carpets, and maybe they don't. I just know that I personally do. I notice if it is hideous and I notice if the bride is trying to have a color scheme that is the complete antithesis to the room. Weddings are reflection of your personal style to me, not a game of trying to cram your style in a box fit for another style.
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    Thanks for the replies ladies, its means alot to me!!

    Just to add, I will be getting married in Church, that is definately, its the reception that we are debating. Whether to have the reception in the fellowship hall or in another location - the hotel.
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    Haha! My colours are ivory & gold but couldnt find the gold lol.

    The fellowship hall & hotel will cost about the same really.

    The church is free but the donation we give will be same amount as the hire for the hotel. The hotel has a bar so we would only need to buy drinks for the meal and provide soft drinks.

    We are just so totally stuck!! We have no real inclination on what to go with.
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    If they will end up being about the same price, then I'd probably go with the hotel, if it's near by.  Hotels are usually more all inclusive, which means less work and hassles for you. 

    Ivory and gold will look fine with red chairs.  Just keep the focus on the tables and the lights dim, and don't worry too much about the look of the room.  You might just take extra care on where to place cake and head tables, if you have them.  To make sure the "backdrop" behind them is neutral for your special "photo ops" like cake cutting, first dance, toasts, etc...

    That way you don't end up with big exit signs, sound equipment cords, trash cans, or views of the table bussing carts that can't be cropped out of your wedding photos.
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    My wedding was black/champagne/ivory and I had gold linens.  My wedding was at a hotel with red multi colored carpet (and red chairs--but I had gold covers).  I doubt if anyone could tell you what color the carpet was.  You could rent chair covers for the chairs if it's in your budget.

    Just realize that a hotel reception with alcohol is more like a party and a reception at a fellowship hall is more subdued and people will leave earlier.  So think about which kind of wedding you want.

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    I would choose the church, its right there and you would be supporting a church not a hotel! Also, you can always go out with a few friends afterwards to a bar to have a few drinks! 

    It sounds sweeter than the hotel
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