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How to afford it?

I'm trying to find the best place for 150 guests in New Jersey and as cheap but as beautiful as possible.  My dad bailed and it's just me nd my mom...How can i afford all of this?!

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Re: How to afford it?

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    Come and chat with us on the New Jersey board. We can help you find some places in your price range since we're a local board.

    As to how you can afford it ... sit down with your FI and take a look at what you have in savings and what you can afford to put away for the wedding in the next year (or however long you want your engagement to be). That is your budget for the wedding.

    If you cannot afford the type of wedding that you ideally want in that time frame, then you have two choices:

    1. Have the type of wedding you CAN afford in that time frame. That might mean something like cake and coffee only for 100 guests, or only inviting your your 15 closest friends and family to the wedding and giving them a steak dinner afterward. You can spend a little bit of money on each person if it means more to you to have everyone there ... or you can spend more money on each person if your desire is to give your guests (even if you can only have a few there) the best that you can afford. Neither choice is wrong, it's all about where your priorities lie. 

    2. Extend your engagement to the point where you can save up the amount of money necessary to fund the type of wedding that you both want.  
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    cut your guest list, that is the biggest way to save. All you need to get married is your fiance, an officiant and a marriage liscense. dont pay attention to magazines and bridal shows that say you need a million things, you dont, figure out how much money you have to spend on a wedding, then figure out what kind of wedding and how many people you can invite based on that amount.

    you can save by cutting extras like starbucks and buying lunch/dinner out at work and putting that money directly into savings.

    Try your local boards for specific places, but try parks, beaches, restaurants.
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    Ditto about avoiding the magazines! They are just trying to make money off of you, after all. My fiance and I are saving by booking at a venue that includes linens, tables, etc; not spending a small fortune on my ring, and serving dessert instead of a full meal. Lots of decorations/flowers cost a lot, too; we aren't buying many of those. Try buying/doing as much yourself as possible. I learned how to do flowers and can now save on a florist. Unless something is really tacky, your friends and family wont look down on you for not going all out. Never go against your gut with money!
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