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ok so I need to complain

I hate wedding planning.  All along it was all shiits and giggles.  Now that it's crunch time, I'm losing my mind.  The thing that kills me is that I'm actually pretty organized about it, unlike the rest of my life right now haha.  But every single time I cross something off my to-do list, 10 other things pop up.  Last night we picked out the tuxes at MW (which I know is a mistake but we have to) only to find out that my nephews' (ages 7 and 10) tuxes will cost the same as the rest of the GM.  That doesn't seem right to me.So basically I needed to whine for a second and now ask, how the hell did all of you marrieds find the time to get this crap done????

Re: ok so I need to complain

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    I didn't, I said eff-it and opened a bottle of wine.
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    Keep your lists organized, cross things off as you go and just keep pushing through. one thing at a time - you'll get it done!Oh and yes, it sucks that the kids' tuxes are just about the same cost.
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    If you start to stress out, just delegate responsibilities to ppl you trust.  I didn't do that, and I ended up losing my mind 2 days before my wedding.Seems like you accomplished a huge check last night...how did 10 other things pop up?
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    You remember how much Heather, Laur and I complained ? lol Just keep organized! Lists, lists, lists! lol And we used MW and we didn't have any issues.. just make sure when the tuxes come in, everyone tries it on then so if something is wrong, they have time to get them a new size.Also, once everyone pre-orders, go to men's wearhouse and get a recept of everything that has been ordered thus far to ensure is what you ordered to begin with.
  • jessica0602jessica0602 member
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    ok so far, i'm liking feif's suggestion the best.  =) it's just a PITA.  i have lists, my lists have lists and so forth.  i think its the DIY stuff and the $$ that's stressing me out.  and fff, i just keep thinking of new things every time i cross something off.  so it's something i would have needed to do anyway, not something new.
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    you got great advice Jessica! And like Sam said get that receipt of the full order. Also find out the earliest you can pick the tuxes up. We had a saturday wedding and all of the tuxes were in Wednesday so we got them then, so we could have all the guys try them on to make sure everything fit.  We only had an issue with my dad's, but were able to take it back the same day and have it fixed.Definitely keep on your list and cross off as you get things done...that was my saving grace! It does feel overwhelming as things get closer but I know you will get it all done! :)
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    dont scare me! i feel like i have most stuff done but i think i am in that lull of time where i cant do a whole lot. we are using MW too.
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    The crazy thing is, you're probably going to miss certain aspects of planning once the wedding is over.  All the vendor meetings/emails and DIY projects killed me, but I really wish I could do it all over again.  This may sound odd to you now - but try to enjoy this time while it lasts!
  • tracyd21tracyd21 member
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    Jess - I was shocked to hear the boys' tuxes were the same price.  I found a suit at JCPenney for about $40 and suggested that to my RB parents, which they gladly bought.  You can rent the vest/bowtie by itself at MW.  Good luck!
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  • matthew24matthew24 member
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    I'm with Feify but instead opened a bottle of beer :) It really was stressful but somehow everything got done, so just have faith and it will be alright.   Also, don't know if this is an option, but my ring bearer found a suit or a tux (not sure) at a consignment shop for little to nothing. My friend saw it and thought he would grow out of it anyways and bought it for 1/4 of what it was for her to purchase it. Just a thought.
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    also used MW for tuxes, but what they did for jr groomsmen and ring bearer was put them in cheaper tuxes, with the same accessories (color of vest, etc.).  the women there said that almost no one will notice the difference and it will save you $65pp.  sorry about what happened to you.
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    Sorry you are having a stressful time, Jess.  I agree with PP- have some wine or a beer, that always makes everything better for me :)I know that sometimes there are Goodwills or Discount stores (Marshalls, TJ Maxx) that have boys tuxes.  I also think checking the children's consignment shops/ formalwear consignment shops is a great idea.  In the very least, do what PP said and put them in a cheaper tux- no one will notice.  I think it's a crime how much tuxes cost, esp for young boys, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why it's the same price as an adult suit.  Ugh.Let us know what you end up doing with the tuxes!  And just remember to breathe, it will all come together in the end, and you will be gorgeous on your wedding day.
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    Just reading this post alone is making me stressed out, ugh.
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