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XP with Oct 12: Decisions Decisions

Ok so here's a quick rundown of the situation in terms of venue. Thought we had found one with decent prices for our area and bonus it is right down the street from the hotel and the church, so our OOT guests would have very minimal in zero. I had been waiting for a quote from another vendor and never heard from them, until tonight that is. Turns out the owner was on vacation. Anyways, they quoted an AMAZING price for a very tasty sounding dinner...the only problem is it's 20 minutes away. My whole family is coming in from OOT and therefore most likely will not have access to vehicles. I havent gone to look at the 2nd venue yet, as I don't want to fall in love with it if I cant have it. What should I do? 
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Re: XP with Oct 12: Decisions Decisions

  • Is everyone from OOT flying in and taking a cab to the hotel? Are any of them planning to rent a car? 

    Check with the hotels they're staying at - the one we blocked will use a shuttle to transport guests from the hotel to ceremony and from ceremony to reception and then back at the end of the night, at no extra cost. 
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