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paper lanterns

I just started to plan the decorating portion of my reception. We dont have a theme only want it to be nice. Im thinking of using paper lanterns/ ball for decor but have gotten alot of negative feed back about the decor. Some feel the lanterns would be more of an Asian theme. HELP!

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    Pfft on that. 

    I've seen them look stunning in many settings. I don't think they look Asian; I think they look festive, fun and super cool. They will only have an Asian vibe if you do other Asian vibe stuff. 

    FWIW, I think they look best grouped together in one or maybe a few key areas then just randomly strewn here and there. It's more of an impact that way. 
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    I like them, if they go with your mood/theme. I don't think they scream Asian vibe at all, well, unless you get the red ones with the pictures/writing on them...
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    Yeah, there are plenty of gorgeous weddings I have seen with paper lanterns. Getting different sizes helps give it a definition as well.
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    They only look " Asian" is you get the ones with bamboo or dragons on them... Paper lanterns are fine.
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    I'm planning on having them for my outdoor reception.  We're using a combo of tents and a Pavilion and plan to decorate with Christmas lights and white paper lanterns.  From the photos I've used as my inspiration, they do not remotely look Asian. 

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