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XP - Recpetion decor idea

I have been wanting to find a way to remember those who will be with us only in spirit on our wedding day without screaming "This is a memorial display". I think I may have found a solution. There is an upright piano at the entrance of the barn where the reception is being held. I have asked my mom, my dad's sister and FMIL for pictures of their parents on their wedding days. I am having the picture of my dad from his military record framed. I'm going to put the picture on the top of the piano an put the sheet music for "When I Get Where I am Going" (sung by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton) on the piano like someone is getting ready to play the song. Both of my grandmothers played piano and always kept family pictures on the top of the piano.
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Re: XP - Recpetion decor idea

  • Great idea with such meaning!
  • Love it. Saw some good ideas on here!! I was looking for something 'different' for a cardbox. I hated the idea of spending a ton if money on something to put cards in and never use again. I found this: Which is pretty cool. It's a card box made from photo frames. You could get something like that snd put his pix in it... I like it bc the shop owner helped me find fabric to match my colors. It's well made and something I can use forever and display in my house as a centerpiece! Thought it was a good idea and thought I'd share!! I also am going to take a picture of us and have it made into a puzzle. Guests will write their name on the back. After the wedding I will put it together and use puzzle glue, frame it and hang it up. It will be my 'guest book.'
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