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How much were your centerpieces?

I have been reseaching centerpieces and dont know what I want or what I can afford. If you dont mind, please tell me how much you spent on centerpieces and provide a pic :) Thanks

Re: How much were your centerpieces?

  • Mine were about $15. I don't think there are any pics in my bio, but they were a glass vase about 9 inches tall with a submerged white rose and a floating candle on top. The florist did them and we were able to keep all of the glassware.
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  • I would guess $10? 

    I got flowers from fiftyflowers.com and put them in vases I got at The Christmas Tree Shops on sale. 
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  • I would guess about $8 a table. PIB under DIY
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  • I think mine were $30 per table.

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  • I'll need to upload a picture of ours from our florist's mock-up presentation. 

    I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I think they are close to $1k a table. BUT since you are looking at pictures and are trying to guesstimate the prices of styles I will tell you what ours entails: 

    -one style will have fresh hydrangeas in low glass vases, a rented art deco -style lamp with a giant sphere of roses making the base (sounds kind of ugly but looks pretty cool). If peonies are still in season, we will have them mixed with the hydrangeas on these tables. 

    -one style will have a very, very tall rented clear candelabra. Under it will be a rented mirrored platform and a mix of floating candles in crystal and low vases with roses and peonies. 

    -final style will be the tallest with one gigantic tulip style vase dripping with white orchids. It will be surrounded with three shorter tulip vases filled with pink hydrangeas and with rose and peony blooms scattered in low vases around the table. 

    We're anticipating 4 tables of each style. I'm sure if you go with one uniform style, the price will be cheaper and depending on where your reception is-- your florist may be cheaper too! 

    I would budget for $50-100 for real floral centerpieces at the MINIMUM. If you go under budget, then that's great! Otherwise, you'll at least not suffer sticker shock at how expensive flowers and rentals can be. 
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  • Ours were $285 per table for the large arrangement, crystal vase, crystal draping, and three smaller arrangements at the base in the silver vases. 

  • We are working on ours. I will see if I can uplpad a picture soon. Were doing Ikea lanterns in the center with votives surrounding it. Freeze dried rose petals will then be sprinkled around them. I think that if I remember correctly it will end up being about 20-25.00 a table.

  • They were $175.00 per centerpiece. I had asked my florist to use only island grown flowers and ones that matched what would be in season at my venue at that time. I know some were grown specially as beach roses are harder to find towards October but still blososm on the property I got married on.
  • Ours are approximately $10 per table.  I don't have a pic right now b/c I'm at work, but they are 1 9" vase and 2 7" vases with beach stones filling the bottom, then water with a flower (rose or orchid maybe?) held down in the water w/ the rocks and then a floating candle at the top.  Then a small fishbowl in the middle of all 3 w/ a fish and all of this surrounded with clear blue stones.  (I got everything from the dollar store (except the fish :) these came from Meijer for like 20cents each)
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  • Mine were $50 each-- vase, ribbon and tulips through florist. They were also on the windows and fireplaces during the ceremony. I used my bouquet on the sweetheart table and looked really pretty :)
  • These centerpieces have all been beautiful! lbow, I am DYING to see a picture of yours, they sound gorgeous and unique! With the prices I have checked out on the items I want to use, my centerpieces will be about $20 a table, max. Floral centerpieces are really nice, but we are on a smaller budget and I would just rather spend the money elsewhere or save it by going the DIY route as much as possible!

    P.S. my computer has gone crazy and won't let me post this without bolding the font?

  • My wedding centerpieces will look a lot like bellabrides's and they will cost $150-$200. So save on some money, I chose to do a few higher centerpieces and a few low ones too.. you will save money on them being lower. Also, see if you can borrow vases from someone who already had a wedding... or rent them from your florist you choose, to save money. If you want a different look, try to find vases at a yard sale, etc. There are always ways around saving. I went to see 5 different florists to see who I liked the most and offered the most for the best price. Hops this helps.
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