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What can I do with all these flower pots?

My mom took the liberty to surprise me on decorations for my reception. She came home with over 25+ pink and orange striped flower pots with daisies painted on them..Now granted my wedding colors are pink and orange and im using daisies for everything as well. But I dont have a use for theses pots at all and i dont want to hurt her feelings plus she spent all the money buying them too..what can i do with these?

Re: What can I do with all these flower pots?

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    put the flowers that you got for present in them:)  
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    You can always paint them.  Then use them as part of your centerpieces.  If they are large enough decor in the corner's or floor.  If you are doing a garden theme set up a nice photo spot.  You can make decor with them for special tables (like the card table).  You could also use them as favors for kids...put some soil in them and give them seeds to grow in them...if it fits with your theme) or even gifts for people who have helped out but are not part of the wedding party.  If your having an advice tree you could make a few with these holding them up maybe.  On the same not, you could use these as your sign in sheets.  Have guests sign a pre-made leave and hang them on trees with the pots holding them.  Then you can scrape book the leaves or make a tree at home with them in a frame to display as decor.  Hhmmm...that's all I have at the moment.  Hope it helps.
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    Do you have out-of-town guests?  Put "welcome" items in them and give each guest one (or couple or family) - snacks, maps, hand lotion - whatever. 

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    If you're doing an outdoor wedding you can put candles or flowers in them and use them to line your aisle, or you could even pot plants in them. If your reception is going to be outside in the evening you could place candles in them and place them at various locations around your reception area, it would add a nice glow once the sun goes down. You could also use them for your centerpieces, they would probably look totally adorable with daisies in them. You could plant daisies in them for the centerpieces and then give them away at the end of the night. If you're doing a candy bar you could put liners in them and fill them with candy, then get small shovels as your candy scoops. You could place the pots on fake grass or moss and place daisies around them and it would make a really cut candy bar. If you do that though you might want to place some on stands to add interest, so everything's not at the same height. Hope some of these ideas help you!

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    Could you use them to line the entrance to your venue, outside, with either flowers or candles in them? 

    I'm sure you can find some use for them!
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    if they are just flowers (no stems attatched) painted on the flower pots flip it upside down, add some candles on top (if you need more stability put the 'pan' part of the flower pot on top of the upside down pot)
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    I like these ideas alot.

    The Candy Bar idea is genius because i was thinking of doing a candy bar and could use some of the pots at different heights. Then i can find another idea with the rest of them :)
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