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XP: For the Bouquet & Garter Toss...

I posted this on my month board, but no one is answering.  And I'm just sitting here bored while FI is working, so I figured I'd try here too.

I was thinking for these 2 things, let all the girls (who want to) try to catch the bouquet and say it's good luck to them, and the same with the guys for the garter.  I thought it'd make it a little more fun if whoever catches the bouquet gets a cute little basket of chocolates that I'll make up, and whoever catches the garter wins a bottle of liquor.

My reasons are: 1) The florist gives a throwing bouquet for free. 
2) I thought it could be fun. 
3) There will be a total of like, 5 single people there, so the normal tosses wouldn't work.
4) I saw it as a substitute to the game where people win the centerpieces (ours are rented, so no one can take them). 
5) Kinda runs along the fun lines, but I wanted to break up the reception a bit and keep it interesting since it's a longer reception and lasting until 1am.  Like every so often do something like the first dance, cake cutting, late night pizza, etc.   I'm sure if my dad drinks enough, he will get up and provide some added entertainment by singing, which I think would be hilarious - I've seen him do it in public before, lol.

But anyway, back to the bouquet and garter, what do you ladies think of this idea?  Thanks :)

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Re: XP: For the Bouquet & Garter Toss...

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    5 single people is a little akward and might be embarrasing for them. If you really want it to be just for good luck/a prize, why not have all women (married or non) participate?
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    Yes Stage is right, I'm doing it for all people married or not because there's so little singles there.   Thanks!
    *12.31.10*New Year's Eve!*
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    I was at one wedding where they got all the females on one side of the dance floor and all the males on the other side.   The B & G were in the middle and music from the Grease soundtrack was being played.  They did the tosses one right after the other.   Somehow a husband and wife managed to catch the garter and bouquet.  It was the only wedding I was at that I didn't hate the tosses. 
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