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Hello All,

Has anyone used a reception venue that was relatively new to the wedding circuit? Were you able to get a good deal (better than wedding pros)? Did you have a positive experience?

Also, do you think its okay to ask for recommendations/referrals from their past clients?

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Re: New Reception Venue

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    kind of.  We're using the new reception hall at the church.  We're the first people to use it for a wedding reception, so we can't get recs from others.  the price is great: $50/hr plus $50 clean-up fee. 

    As far as the experience, at first we were working with the secretary, who is great.  They're still working on some details, so when we were in town, we met with the facilities manager.  That was a complete distater (I have a VENT post on this board).  He told a different max number of people, told us we couldn't move this or do that and finally said that if we hadn't booked already, he would have told us to go somewhere else.  He also wouldn't answer any questions about how many plates they have (secretary told us there are plates) or linens etc.  FMIL went over his head yesterday and the Rev. told us to ignore the guy and we're fine.  I think it depends a lot of the person you're dealing with.
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