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Reception Timeline...does this work?

I used the knot and other sites and made a reception timeline. I don't think I am forgetting anything. Let me know what you think. Will this work?


6:00 PM          Ceremony Begins

6:30 PM          Ceremony Ends

7:00 PM          Cocktail Hour Begins

7:20 PM          Bridal Party Arrives

7:25-7:50 PM Mingle

7:45-7:50 PM Usher people into the hall for dinner

8:00 PM          Reception Begins

8:10 PM          Entrance / Announcement

8:20 PM          First Dance

8:25 PM          Blessing

8:30 PM          Dinner Served

8:45 PM          Toasts

9:00 PM          Music increases for those who have finished can go dance

9:30 PM          Father / Daughter Dance

9:40 PM          Mother / Son Dance

9:50 PM          Upbeat dancing

10:30 PM        Dancing (Mixture of slow and upbeat)

10:30 PM        Dessert - we aren't do cake, we are doing a dessert/candy bar

10:35 PM        Mid-paced songs

11:00 PM        Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss

11:15 PM        Dancing

11:55 PM        Final Dance

12:00 AM       Farewell and Exit

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