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So I have driven my self crazy going back and forth on the ideas of center pieces!!! I have already planned on 27 tea lights on each table (appx 15 tables). The venue looks so very gorgeous without even doing anything to the place. I know that I do not want much to any floral arrangements and I also am on an extremely tight budget. I can't find anything that combines non floral and very inexpensive.
So what do you ladies think? Should I keep searching or just stick with only the 27 tea lights? I wouldn't consider not doing center pieces if the place did not look so gorgeous as it is.

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    Sounds like you have a very nice venue. I might encourage you to add some height to the tapes using pillar or taper candles . . both of which you can get cheap. The only bad part about tealights is that depending on size and quality they can burn down and out within a few ours. What about adding something else to the table top like colored pebbles? Are you using in theme in your wedding?
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    We had a great venue with floor to ceiling windows that offered views of the Las Vegas Strip.  All we did for decor was some scattered tea lights and rose petals, and I placed some vases at key points where the bridesmaids and I deposited our bouquets.

    If your venue is already a showpiece, don't go nuts on the decor.  A very, very tiny bit should be enough.
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    Thank you very much for the advice! :D
    I do not have a theme, but I'm liking the idea of keeping it low-key and perhaps colored pebbles scattered a bit might look cute. I'll just make sure it doesn't look too much like a beach. haha

    Thanks so very much!
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    what type of dinner are you having? buffet, stations, family style, etc? i was a banquet server in the past, and 27 tea lights on each table makes it very hard to serve the meal.
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