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ugh, chairs chairs chairs

The reception site we are renting has enough chairs for all of my guests.... unfortunately... they are those ugly folding metal chairs. :(
I want to know how much chair covers cost on average verses renting chairs.
the guest list isn't final... so i will be pricing for 150 to 200 chairs.

or does anyone have a cute DIY or inexpensive idea to decorate the metal chairs?

Re: ugh, chairs chairs chairs

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    check out
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    You could always rent chairs.  That's what we did.

    It may even turn out to be cheaper than covering the existing chairs ;)
  • Options does have some cheaper items to purchase in bulk. But check out there are a lot of vendors there that rent out chair covers and sashes for $1 each. Best price i've seen anywhere.

    We chose not to go with chair covers becuase 1. they are a huge pain to put on that many chairs and 2. People really wont care that they are sitting in a folding chair instead of one w/a chair cover, it really doesn't matter that much.
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    i fussed over our chairs for awhile, .then my fi said he doesnt remember any chairs from weddings he has been to. (except one where the chairs didnt seem very sturdy for his large build.) i thought back to all the weddings i had been to, the only one i remember was a park with picnic tables, dont worry too much!
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    reality check here:  What did the chairs look like at the last 6 weddings you attended?  I had to get out the photo albums to remember what the chairs looked like at my own 2 kids' weddings.

    Once you put people in the chairs, with wraps thrown over the back, the chairs are nothing more than a comfortable place to plant yourself during a reception.

    Wedding magazines and websites would have you believe that this stuff matters, but it so doesn't.

    As a guest, if I had a choice between sitting in a chair with a chair cover, or having an upgraded bar or dessert table.....I'd blow off the chair cover every single time.
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