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My FI and I are planning an on the beach ceremony so for the reception I thought it would be kind of cool to incorporate that theme (in an untacky way). I've seen some receptions that go over the top with themes and that's just not me, but I would like to add some subtle details that kind of tie it all together. I've looked around online and find a lot of the same things and was wondering if anyone out there had any unique ideas or inspirations.

Anything would be appreciated. =)
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Re: Beachy stuff...

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    We had a shell cake. The icing was light blue and the "seaweed" was drawn in white icing. We had cleaned shells decorating the cake tiers, and set out some beach-related items (shells, a net, etc) on the cake table to enhance the look. I have pictures, but not on me, they're on my home computer. You can send me a private message if you're interested in one.

    Centerpieces are a great way to add to the theme. Like, taking a fluted bowl and filling it halfway with sand then putting in a white candle surrounded by little shells, starfish, etc. I don't know what your venue is, but for ours we bought a bunch of dried plants at Michaels and put them in rustic-looking vases to line the aisle.
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    here is my cake.

     table cards

    flowers that lined the aisle then was CP for the high top tables

    table cards

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