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How to deal with stubborn fiance!

My groom is being quite stubborn and insisting on incorporating orange in our wedding decor, which is going to look atrocious with our very natural, greens/blues/stones colored reception location! How do I convince him that orange is going to look tacky and out-of-place when we've selected such a sophisticated and earth-toned location? He's also insisting on wearing an orange tie, which is going to look like a Halloween party gone wrong... help!

Re: How to deal with stubborn fiance!

  • You could always try telling him he can have ALL the orange he wants on his grooms cake.... might be worth the extra cash to invest in one of those instead of the possibility of having him throw off your color scheme...
  • Why do you think orange will look so atrocious? Color schemes genearlly shouldn't be split equally between your colors so it's not like your scheme needs to be dominated by orange. I personally think orange and green and blue look nice together.

    Be thankful your FI has an opinion. And to be honest I'd try to work it in there. FI and I picking "colors" was one of the hardest things for us. He had some rules..no "girly colors", no green (huge University of MI fan) so what we ended up with was navy blue, charcoal gray and yellow. He loved it because he has his school colors (blue and yellow) but what I've done is made navy the 'background" color so it's more gray and yellow than anything else and doesn't come out as a big Wolverine wedding. Let your FI have a say in things. Compromise. Trust me, it will make the rest of your wedding planning much, much happier.
    June 16, 2012
  • It sounds like he really likes orange - I hope you do take his opinions into consideration, it's his wedding, too :)

    Could he wear an orange boutonniere?
    An orange pocket square, if not an orange tie?
    Orange socks and orange cuff links?
    Orange groom's cake?
    Orange table numbers?

    Pops of a soft peachy/coral orange would actually look really pretty with the neutrals and blues you described, I think.

  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    There are a lot of shades of orange.  Sure some of them are like traffic cones or pumpkins.  But some are like the color of a sunset.  I think those types of oranges would look good with blues/greens and other neutral settings.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • In Response to Re: How to deal with stubborn fiance!:
    [QUOTE]There are a lot of shades of orange.  Sure some of them are like traffic cones or pumpkins.  But some are like the color of a sunset.  I think those types of oranges would look good with blues/greens and other neutral settings.
    Posted by lyndausvi[/QUOTE]
    This.  I would start looking at color swatches and figure out if there is a shade of orange you two can agree on
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  • Honestly, if all my dude wanted was some orange accents, I'd consider myself lucky and put orange wherever the crap he wanted it. It's just not a hill I'd die on.

    Also also, as others have said, not all orange shades are like pumpkins. Coral would look very pretty with your colors, or you could go with more of a burnt orange.
  • My husband also loves orange; it's his favorite color. I detest it, but then he wore the most awesome orange and blue tie and he used an orange ranunculus as his boutonniere.  It looked GREAT (our wedding colors were blue and white). I think it was just the right touch and it was so personal to H.  I'd bend on this one. I bet it'll end up looking great and it's what your FI wants.   There was NO other orange in our wedding.....because, like you, I am not a fan, but it really worked out great.

    One word of warning, it's really hard to find a nice orange tie. Most of the cheap ones on like the Tie Bar (love that site) and similar places are kind of garish.  I ended up finding H's at Saks and paid almost 150 dollars for it; but he loved it and it was my wedding gift to him. 

  • I love orange. FI hates it. So we are doing purple, black and slivery/gray but the majority of the flowers and my MOH's dress are orange. He cares nothing about flowers or dresses so he was totally okay with that. So I say let him have an orange tie.
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  • We used orange in our wedding as one of the colors. It's not halloween-y. Although I would suggest orange in his boutonniere instead of his tie like the PP suggested.

  • Is orange his favorite color? If so, I'd find small ways to incorprate it, like others have mentioned. Does he not own anything orange and is out of nowhere, saying he needs that color to be in the wedding? Then he's probably doing it to make your life more difficult, Men are stupid like that. 
  • Helsy85Helsy85 member
    Maybe you could set up some mock table centerpieces incorporating orange and see what you think, you might find it works really well and you like it, or he will realise its not going to work and agree to not use it!
  • You could always get an orange garter to wear for him Wink other than that I agree with PP and had ideas along the lines they've suggested
  • It's his wedding too.
  • I say incorporate it.  An orange tie wont throw your colors off too much.  I know we tend to get a little controlling about the wedding (I know I have) but it is their day too. At least he's not telling you to completely change the colors.
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  • Very good points all, thank you. I definitely have looked for orange ties and most of them are kinda icky. I have a running list going of some nice ties that could be potential wedding gifts to him, then I do have a bit of a say at least of what it will look like ;-)
  • it's his wedding too. is this really that much of a big deal? It's his day as well and that's what he wants. work with it. there's nothing wrong with incorporating some small orange flowers into the arrangemetns for accents. also it would compliment your greens/blues/stones colored reception location. imo things that are too matchy matchy are boring as hell.

    als you're going to marry this guy and you can't figure out how to compromise about a color in your wedding scheme.  i think there's more of a worry there than just orange........you can't learn to compromise your marriage is doomed from the start. really-i'm not being snarky. it's the truth. give a little and take a little.


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