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Fireflies in Mason Jars

I wanted to do lantern's for my centerpieces and my mom's friend thought of the idea (we are doing a rustic theme), to do lanterns at some tables and "fireflies" in mason jars at the others. I LOVE this idea! But I found the website that has the artificial fireflies in mason jars, and its pretty expensive.

Has anyone ever done this before? Or used or another source for fireflies. It's an indoor wedding, so real ones are kind of out.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Fireflies in Mason Jars

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    I would just do candles honestly.  Cheaper, still rustic.
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    we are doing candles in mason jars.  still rustic, less expensive, and easier :)  good luck!
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    Are you talking about actual fireflies?  Like the bugs?  Didn't you ever put them in a jar when you were a kid?  They die in about 30 minutes, even if you poke holes for air.  They just don't like being confined.  

    I'd go with candles instead.  The fireflies are just going to end up being jars of dead bugs.  
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    There are artificial jars of fireflies, and thats what I was going for...
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    Never seen it done but they're cute. They seem really expensive though.
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    The only really effective false fireflies I've seen are fiberoptic, and thus only really believable in very low light.  I can think of couple of possible alternatives for doing fireflies, but none would really work as centerpieces.
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    That website selling fake fireflies is super sketch. Looks like something I'd buy from the "As Seen on TV" store. They don't even have a good description of image of what they look like? Plus, the cord is green. Not exactly what you're looking for in a centerpiece. 

    Stick with candles. 
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    I think if it's pulled off correctly it would look really cute! If this is something you really want then do a test run to see if it will work.  I would check out the web sites return policy. Maybe buy one and try it with a mason jar and see how many fireflies you would need to put in the mason jar to make it work. If its only two or three you could get about four or five mason jars out of it and then it wouldn't be that expensive (a little but not as much.)
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    I think it's a cute idea, too, but they look pretty pricey, especially if you want more than just a jar as your centerpiece!  Would definitely try it first before ordering in quantity.  Maybe you won't like them but will get other ideas from playing around with it. 

    I do like the idea of mason jars with tealights.  Good luck!
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